的 North American Pharmacist 许可 Examination® (NAPLEX®) is designed to evaluate general practice knowledge and is taken by recent 药学院 graduates shortly after they receive their degree. 的 exam is also taken by foreign-educated pharmacists who have earned FPGEC Certification. 的 NAPLEX is just one component of the licensure process and is used by the boards of pharmacy to assess a candidate’s competence to practice as a pharmacist.

Explore the New 候选人申请公告

公告 provides guidance and requirements for every step of the examination process.


You must complete the process outlined below when applying for the NAPLEX. A thorough breakdown of the application steps, 包括常见问题的答案, 也可以在 公告.

  1. 读了 候选人申请公告 和学习 国家许可的要求
    • Fully understand the process and expectations for examination candidates and check your 足球的网站 to see if there are unique requirements in the state where you are seeking licensure.
    • 报名 to receive more information on how to apply and prepare for the NAPLEX.
  1. 如果适用,请求一个 武装部队的折扣
    • 申请武装部队折扣在你的 app e-Profile 一、在申请考试eligibility前. 的 option is available in the right drop-down menu.
  1. 申请考试eligibility
    • Apply in the Exam Services section of your app e-Profile and pay the application fee.
    • 请参阅下面的信息 eligibility. Timelines and fees may vary depending on the state.
    • 如果适用,请求 ADA住宿.
      • If you need test day accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), complete and follow the submission instructions on the 考试住宿申请表. 的 form should be submitted with your online application.
  1. 学位授予后提交成绩单
    • Transcripts are required if you graduated in 2020 or later. You must have an official transcript sent from your 药学院 to app in order to purchase the exam and receive an Authorization to Test (ATT). 了解更多关于 如何提交成绩单.
  1. 购买你的考试
    • Once eligibility is granted, the purchase exam link will appear in your e-Profile. You may also purchase 分数转移s at this time, or you may wait until after you have taken the exam. You may purchase 分数转移s up to 89 days after your exam date. Candidates are advised to purchase 分数转移 requests as soon as possible. Waiting until the last day may result in the 分数转移 request option being unavailable.
  1. 用Pearson VUE安排考试
    • 购买考试后, 你将会收到 an ATT via email and you can then schedule your appointment with Pearson VUE.


足球买球app下载确认有eligibility参加亚利桑那州的测试, 科罗拉多州, 肯塔基州, 缅因州, 密歇根, 内布拉斯加州, 北卡罗莱纳, 俄勒冈州, 罗德岛州, 和犹他州. 的re is an additional $85 fee for these states during the application process, and candidates may be approved to purchase the exam after meeting all application requirements.

States not listed above have their own processes for confirming eligibility. 每块电路板的处理时间各不相同. 查看董事会的网站 为时间轴.  

Updates on your eligibility status will be noted in the Exam Services section of your app e-Profile.


分数转移 program saves time and allows you to move ahead with licensure in more than one state as soon as you pass the NAPLEX.

Score transfer can be added to your NAPLEX application in your e-Profile. You may select states in addition to the primary state where you are seeking licensure, and we will transmit your score to those boards of pharmacy. 



的 NAPLEX is a six-hour exam composed of 225 questions that are delivered in a computerized, 固定的形式. 的 exam results will be reported as pass or fail, and candidates are allowed five attempts to pass the exam.

的 following resources may assist you when preparing for the NAPLEX:

读了 考试当天的政策和程序 中发现的 公告 to avoid being turned away from the test center.


If the primary jurisdiction for which you are testing participates in app’s online exam result interface, 你将会收到 考试成绩及格或不及格 approximately seven business days after you have taken the exam. 考试成绩及格或不及格 are posted in your app e-Profile 对于大多数州来说. 只针对失败结果, we provide a performance report that gives additional details across the competency areas. Candidates who are seeking license in the following states are required to receive their exam results directly from these jurisdictions:

在这个时候, app will also release exam results to the board of pharmacy designated on your NAPLEX application. Any jurisdictions that you selected for 分数转移 will also receive the exam results.

 查看 NAPLEX样本候选人性能报告 to find a breakdown of the information included in your exam results.

Yearly passing rates for each of the United States colleges of pharmacy can be 中发现的 参考资料部分.

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